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Additive manufacturing. Smart solutions in 3D printing

VEROT 3D Printing by metal additive manufacturing. Intended for high technology sectors and complex parts they have their most current bet, the additive manufacture in metal 3D printing.

We make a simple idea a reality!

From an idea to the tangible, looking for solutions to problems that are presented in the industries in order to increase your productivity and performance.

The impossible becomes possible, where complex designs unworkable by conventional methods can now be manufactured.

From the concept to be reflected in reduced times, notably increased the competitiveness of companies in the market.

Solutions to improve productivity. Optimization and generative design. Reverse engineering and simulations.

Metal alloys and polymers. From small to large part format.

Heat treatments. Surface finishes on demand. Quality controls.


In the strictest confidentiality with companies, the most efficient and economical products or solutions are studied and developed, which can add value to the company.

3D Print

We have state-of-the-art equipment
in 3D printing to obtain parts in different metal alloys and in a wide variety of polymers.

Surface Finishes

Final product with a finish to suit the client, always respecting the requirements and even improving its surface properties.


We contribute our experience as a beta tester in the strategy of new scanning parameters for new metal alloys under development, as well as for the improvement of existing ones.


Or Reverse Engineering, with which from a product (piece) to obtain the necessary information to design and replicate that product or even improve it.

SEM simulation

Through process simulation methods we develop the best design and optimization in manufacturing processes.


Our Quality department guarantees quality standards, in addition to having R&D centers with which we collaborate for most of the certified tests.

Custom projects

Knowing the needs and problems in the productivity of companies, we can advance in the development of projects and look for solutions at the same time as non-refundable financing aid or at reduced costs.

About us

Additive Manufacturing VEROT.
Our history

Created 30 years ago, VEROT offers complete solutions in metal transformation services, including the latest additive manufacturing technologies.

The offer of VEROT, S.A. It is marketed in three brands:

VEROT, we are a reference in specialized solutions in 2D and 3D laser cutting and laser tube, water jet cutting, plasma, folding, punching and welding (robotic, laser and manual).

And where VEROT Additive Manufacturing has also been framed for four years, providing solutions to those companies that seek greater benefits in their projects.

ICON leaders in the development of containers for the automotive industry, fine, medium and heavy metalwork.

IAFA, engineering for the design, study and development of parts for high-tech sectors and complex and customized parts for manufacturing by 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing and 3D

VEROT, S.A. offers metal transformation services and 3D printing by metal additive manufacturing.

VEROT, S.A. uses leading manufacturers machinery in 2D, 3D laser cutting and laser tube, water jet cutting, plasma, folding, punching and welding (robotic, laser and manual). They are also a reference in metal transformation and the development / manufacturing of specific transport racks.


200W Ø 100 x 100 mm.
Layer height 20-60 microns.


500W Ø 300 x 400 mm.
Layer height 30-100 microns.


Thermal treatment furnace with controlled
atmosphere – Up to 1.300º C
Dimensions Ø 300 x 400 mm.
Blasting unit 500 x 400 mm – Glass micro beads,
corundum, etc.
Sieves (2) – up to Ø 1 meter
Glovebox, with controlled atmosphere.
Ultrasonic bath


Stainless steels AISI 316L, 17 4 PH
Tool Steel
Cobalt chromium

R & D & I

Our engineering department guides you throughout the process, improving the design in order to reduce costs and offer new solutions to deliver a product that is technologically more advanced. We do Reverse Engineering, Generative Design and Topological Optimization. We do Reverse Engineering, Generative Design and Topological Optimization.



We print with a wide range of materials without using different machines.


We create functional designs of any geometric complexity.


We design complex components without additional costs


No moulds, no need to invest in manufacturing tools.


You can constantly review and update the designs. Speeding up the time lines to place products on the market.


No moulds, no need to invest in manufacturing tools.


No risks or costs associated to the maintenance of stocks.

Some Clients of Verot


We serve each client’s needs

Additive Manufacturing VEROT provides part for high technology sectors such as renewable energy, biomedical, automobile, machinery manufacturing, nuclear, railway, aerospace, agricultural and defense-military sectors.








R&D sector

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